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: Cloud Computing
description: Cloud Computing has become a driving force for information technology over the past several years, and it is hinting at a future in which we will not compute on local computers as we have done, but on centralized facilities. Governments, research institutes and industry leaders consider adopting cloud computing to solve their ever-increasing computing and storage problems. This technical elective course in the undergraduate program of computer engineering aims to prepare the students for this extensive use of cloud technologies in many fields of science and engineering as well as by the industry and also for the research studies on the cloud computing topics.
objective: This course aims to provide the background to the architecture, concepts, principles, models, techniques and current practices of cloud computing, and also to raise awareness of security and privacy issues in cloud environments. It involves hands-on assignments that will utilize the cloud technologies, such as virtual resources, application platforms, MapReduce, data stores etc. Hence, the students are expected to (a) understand the core concepts and principles of cloud computing; (b) gain experience in clouds by examining architecture and design of cloud platforms as well as by designing, constructing and deploying applications on cloud platforms; and (c) understand the available techniques and issues in cloud computing.
type: technical
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