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: Formal Languages And Abstract Machines
description: Introduction to strings, languages, and grammars. Concept of abstract machines and language acceptance. Deterministic and nondeterministic finite state machines. Regular expressions. Machines with pushdown tape. Turing machines and recursive functions.
objective: Computer Science & Engineering needs a mathematical language to abstract away from particulars of computing machinery and to concentrate on systematicity, capacity, and efficiency of computing in the abstract. Theory of Formal Languages is one such language (Complexity Theory is another). The theory has found scientific and practical use in CS theory, programming languages, compilers, concurrent processes, AI, etc. In fact, description of any computational process can be recast in formal language theory. From this perspective, the theory can be seen as a vehicle for communicating the ideas clearly and precisely among computer scientists. This course is an introduction to the topic.
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  • Aysenur BIRTURK
    OfficeHours: Tuesday 14:40-15:30 (20181)
    room: A303
    tel: 5578
  • Mazlum Ferhat Arslan
    room: A410
    tel: 5541
  • Muhammet Tugberk Isyapar
    room: A302
    tel: 5538
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